Soccer Rules

  1. All players must be registered completely through DC MIST

  2. A minimum of six players must be on the roster per school. Max of 12.

  3. All player must be registered prior to tournament.

  4. Games will be 10 minute halves. 2 minute break in between halves.

  5. Cleats, or turf shoes may be worn, no metal or removable studs.

  6. Shin guards must be worn during the game at all times. (This will be strictly enforced)

  7. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

  8. No bracelets or jewelry. (watches, necklaces, earrings) items can be covered by tape.

  9. Out of bounds shall only occur when ball is completely over the line.

  10. Out of bounds will result in throw-ins. Both feet must be planted and ball must come above the head. A bad throw will turn the ball over to opposing team. In case of ball never entering in bounds a re-throw will be allowed.

  11. Substitutions are unlimited, but can only be made during a team’s own possession. Not on opposing team’s corner kicks, throw in’s or free kicks.

  12. All free kicks will be direct. All opposing players must be at least 5 yards away. Free kick taker may ask for 5 yards.

  13. Cursing, profanity, taunting are a yellow cardable offense.

  14. Physical altercations result in ejection from tournament. Team must play one man down for ten minutes (time carries over from one half to another). Next game is played as normal without ejected player on roster.

  15. 1st warning yellow card 2 minute penalty (can substitute player), 2nd warning yellow card 4 minute penalty (may not substitute player), third major offense will result in a red card and ejection from game.

  16. Advantage rule is in place

  17. No off-sides

  18. No slide tackles. If a player slides they will receive one warning, Following this warning the player will  be subject to a yellow card

  19. No charging the goalie.

  20. In case of stopped play due to injury, the referee will have a drop ball at spot of incident.

  21. A win awards three points, a tie one point, a loss equals zero

  22. In play-offs ties will go straight to penalty kicks.

  23. In cases that two teams have same amount of points in group stage, teams with higher point differential will advance. If further recourse is needed then it will be the amount of goals scored for each team. If there is an absolute tie between the two teams there will be a penalty shoot out to decide who advances from the group

  24. Referee has complete jurisdiction during game, arguments will not be tolerated against a referee.

  25. If the match ball makes contact with the ceiling or netting it will be considered out of play, the ball will be given to the team that did not touch the ball out of play, the location in which the ball is placed is at the referee’s discretion.

  26. Penalties are taken 6 yards from the goal at the discretion of the referee. Each team will be allocated 5 kicks. If tied after these kicks the teams will go to penalties.