1. Each student competing is responsible for being prompt to the Orientation Session for his/her event and for the time period for which they are scheduled to compete. Students must be on time or risk disqualification.

  2. Be prompt in attending all workshops. Students and their teams receive points for attending the workshops they’ve chosen. Failure to appear at these workshops will cause your team to lose points.

  3. Students must stay until the end of each workshop in order to be counted present.

  4. Always show utmost respect to the person(s) leading and taking part in the workshops, along with your team members in group activities.

  5. Be a mature representative of your high school and/or your MSA/Islamic Club. Remember that you are representing the next generation of community leaders. Your behavior should reflect that image.

  6. MIST participants may not leave the building without their registered coach/sponsor, or without the MIST Board’s permission.

  7. The dress code should be proper and appropriate since it reflects directly upon the Muslim Students Association and the Muslims in general at the competition site and the community. The following dress code will be enforced at MIST:


    • Islamic, prayer appropriate clothes. Students cannot wear clothes that are see through, tight, or suggestive in any way. Shirts should be long enough to cover your stomach and back side. Students should not wear low rise pants that show any skin.

    • Students should wear business casual attire for all their interviews with the judges.

    • Male students should not wear shorts above their knees.

    • Females cannot show anything other than their face and hands. This means they cannot wear short sleeve shirts and/or shorts.

    • No tank tops for both male and female students are allowed.

    • Students cannot wear clothes that contain language or symbols that demean an identifiable person or group or otherwise infringe on the rights of others.

    • Points will be deducted in each competition if the dress code rules are not followed.

  8. MIST name badges and identification bands must be worn at all times. If a replacement is needed, see a MIST Representative immediately. All students who registered for a particular team MUST attend both days of MIST. Hence, students MUST plan ahead and ensure that other activities do not clash with the MIST tournament. If a student chooses to not attend either day of MIST, they risk bringing their team average down. They also risk complete disqualification from the tournament.

  9. No student is allowed to leave the tournament early on either day. All teams/students must arrive on time and leave only when the tournament is over. **IF** there is an important reason for a student to leave early, he/she needs to let MIST know no less than 7 days in advance. To obtain permission to leave early, email us. We reserve the right to refuse or allow a student from leaving early. Also, once MIST gives the student permission to leave early, he/she MUST let the team coach know that they are leaving and when they will return.

  10. Each team MUST be accompanied by a coach. The coach can be a parent, a teacher, an administrator, or a sibling older than 21 years of age. The coach MUST be at the tournament with their team and never leave the campus. If a coach has to leave, he/she must provide a replacement. Please plan ahead and send a coach registration form for each of the coaches who will be accompanying your team.

  11. Read the program and your competition rules carefully. If you don’t know, ASK!

  12. Share ideas with others; help each other solve problems, and HAVE FUN!