So you're interested in MIST, but need to get registered. Luckily for you, we have all of your registration needs right here! Before we begin, there are a few roles we must define first:


This is an individual 21 years of age or more that will help prepare the team’s submissions and serve as the chaperone during the tournament. For every 12 students a team must have one coach (if you have a team of 24, you would be required to have 2 coaches present at all times). 


  • Required for each team.

  • Can be a Competitor on the team, the team Coach, or any parent affiliated with the team.

  • Needs to make sure that competitors are registered in a timely manner and signed up for the correct competitions.

  • Can organize and make any changes to the competitions that team members are signed up for.

  • Must be an individual of maturity, responsibility, and organization.


Any team member registered for a competition.


Now that we have the roles out of the way, let's talk about creating an account. Follow these steps to get yourself started:

  1. Make sure your school Registrar emails us at to obtain a “School Code.” Then, he/she must create a username (see steps 2-3) and send an email invitation to every student and coach on his/her team with the school code.

  2. To register for a MIST tournament, each individual on the team (including the coach) must create a MIST username at In order to create a username you must have a unique, valid, working email address. Only one username can be created per email address.

  3. Once you have submitted your request for a username, an email will automatically be sent to you to confirm your request and give you a password.*

*You will be able to use the same username each year to sign up for tournaments.


Once you've finished, it's time to Create A Team.

Below is a video overview of the account registration process.