So you've registered an account, but now you need to make a team! But, how do you make one? That's the easy part: just ask your classmates!

  • All competitors must be currently enrolled in high school
  • All members of a team must be from the same high school
  • School enrollment will be verified during the tournament (via Student ID or other official forms of proof)

There are also a few exceptions for those with outstanding circumstances. Below are a list of eligible competitors who are not current high school students:

  • Home-school students (proof must be presented during the tournament)
    • Note: Home-school students may be added to any high school team
  • Students who are 13 years old and do not hold a GED
    • Must have a 3.0 GPA
    • Must submit a letter to stating why they wish to compete in DC MIST


Got your team ready? It's time to choose a Coach.