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MIST offers a wide variety of competitions for participants in the tournament. Competitions are divided into categories based on the type of competition.Competitors may register for competitions in every category, but are limited to registering for one competition per category.

  • Category IV: Bracket Competitions
    • Debate
    • Math Olympics
    • Quiz Bowl
    • Improv
  • Category V: Group Projects
    • Business Venture
    • Nasheed/Rap
    • Community Service
    • Science Fair
    • Short Film
    • Social Media
    • Mobile Applications
  • Category VI: Sports
    • Basketball
    • Soccer
  • Category I: Knowledge & Qur'an
    • Knowledge Tests
    • Qur'an Memorization
  • Category II: Arts
    • 2D Art
    • 3D Art
    • Fashion Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Photography
    • Scrapbook
  • Category III: Writing & Oratory
    • Extemporaneous Essay
    • Extemporaneous Speaking
    • Original Oratory
    • Poetry: Written
    • Poetry: Spoken Word
    • Prepared Essay
    • Short Fiction
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General Rules

General Rules

General Rules

  1. Each student competing is responsible for being prompt to the Orientation Session for his/her event and for the time period for which they are scheduled to compete. Students must be on time or risk disqualification.
  2. Be prompt in attending all workshops. Students and their teams receive points for attending the workshops they’ve chosen. Failure to appear at these workshops will cause your team to lose points.

  3. Students must stay until the end of each workshop in order to be counted present.

  4. Always show utmost respect to the person(s) leading and taking part in the workshops, along with your team members in group activities.

  5. Be a mature representative of your high school and/or your MSA/Islamic Club. Remember that you are representing the next generation of community leaders. Your behavior should reflect that image.

  6. MIST participants may not leave the building without their registered coach/sponsor, or without the MIST Board’s permission.

  7. The dress code should be proper and appropriate since it reflects directly upon the Muslim Students Association and the Muslims in general at the competition site and the community. The following dress code will be enforced at MIST:


    • Islamic, prayer appropriate clothes. Students cannot wear clothes that are see through, tight, or suggestive in any way. Shirts should be long enough to cover your stomach and back side. Students should not wear low rise pants that show any skin.

    • Students should wear business casual attire for all their interviews with the judges.

    • Male students should not wear shorts above their knees.

    • Females cannot show anything other than their face and hands. This means they cannot wear short sleeve shirts and/or shorts.

    • No tank tops for both male and female students are allowed.

    • Students cannot wear clothes that contain language or symbols that demean an identifiable person or group or otherwise infringe on the rights of others.

    • Points will be deducted in each competition if the dress code rules are not followed.

  8. MIST name badges and identification bands must be worn at all times. If a replacement is needed, see a MIST Representative immediately. All students who registered for a particular team MUST attend both days of MIST. Hence, students MUST plan ahead and ensure that other activities do not clash with the MIST tournament. If a student chooses to not attend either day of MIST, they risk bringing their team average down. They also risk complete disqualification from the tournament.

  9. No student is allowed to leave the tournament early on either day. All teams/students must arrive on time and leave only when the tournament is over. **IF** there is an important reason for a student to leave early, he/she needs to let MIST know no less than 7 days in advance. To obtain permission to leave early, email us. We reserve the right to refuse or allow a student from leaving early. Also, once MIST gives the student permission to leave early, he/she MUST let the team coach know that they are leaving and when they will return.

  10. Each team MUST be accompanied by a coach. The coach can be a parent, a teacher, an administrator, or a sibling older than 21 years of age. The coach MUST be at the tournament with their team and never leave the campus. If a coach has to leave, he/she must provide a replacement. Please plan ahead and send a coach registration form for each of the coaches who will be accompanying your team.

  11. Read the program and your competition rules carefully. If you don’t know, ASK!

  12. Share ideas with others; help each other solve problems, and HAVE FUN!




Knowledge Tests

Book 1: Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed

Book 2: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Book 3: We Too Sing America by Deepa Iyer

Book 4: Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Qur'an Memorization

Level 1: Surahs 1, 87-114

Level 2: Surahs 78-86 (including those covered in lower levels)

Level 3: Surahs 67-78 (including those covered in lower levels)

Level 4: Surah 36 or 55 or 56 (including those covered in lower levels)

Prepared Essay/Original Oratory

Use the following prompts to help compose an insightful and compelling prepared essay or oratory on the topic of this year’s theme. You may base your work on original thoughts regarding any of the topics below, or choose your own topic related to this year’s theme. Be sure to define your topic clearly within your work. Your submission may take the form of a personal narrative, academic dissertation, or persuasive argument. Please note that fictional narratives are appropriate for the Short Fiction competition.

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – Proverb

In Surah Ar-Rahman, Allah repeats the ayah, “Which of the favors of your Lord can you deny?” (Quran 55:13) What are the implications of this ayah in our appreciation of beauty around us?

In light of the Hadith, “Verily, kindness is not found in anything except that it beautifies it, and it is not removed from anything except that it disgraces it,” (Sahih Muslim 2594) how can kindness beautify the world?

“Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. But you are eternity, and you are the mirror.” – Khalil Gibran

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

French author Ninon de L’Enclos says “That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful.” How does goodness always bring about beauty, and in what sense? And how can beauty serve as a façade, under which goodness may be, in reality, absent?

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty” – Maya Angelou

“What makes the desert beautiful’, said the little prince, ‘is that somewhere it hides a well..” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


1. THW permit the use of performance enhancing drugs in professional sports.

2. THBT we should emphasize racial equality over racial justice.

3. THW prohibit private ownership of art deemed to be culturally or historically significant.

4. THBT in areas of socio-economic deprivation, schools should train students in vocational skills to the exclusion of the liberal arts.

5. THBT environmental movements should support climate engineering that fundamentally alters the environment in an effort to combat global warming.

6. THW restrict advertising aimed at children.

THW - The House Would

THBT - The House Believes That


Topic I – Crime, Justice, and the Politics of Mass Incarcerations (the documentary "13th" available on Netflix)

Topic II – Contemporary Conflicts

Topic III – The Middle East: History, Economy, and Culture

Topic IV – The Muslim Influence Part 2

Topic V – The Ayyubid Empire

Topic VI – Current Events (Starting January 1st, 2017)


Please click here to read the ballot for this years Scrapbook competition.

mobile Apps

Please click here to read the ballot for this years Mobile Appscompetition.


Soccer Rules

Soccer Rules

Soccer Rules

  1. All players must be registered completely through DC MIST

  2. A minimum of six players must be on the roster per school. Max of 12.

  3. All player must be registered prior to tournament.

  4. Games will be 10 minute halves. 2 minute break in between halves.

  5. Cleats, or turf shoes may be worn, no metal or removable studs.

  6. Shin guards must be worn during the game at all times. (This will be strictly enforced)

  7. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

  8. No bracelets or jewelry. (watches, necklaces, earrings) items can be covered by tape.

  9. Out of bounds shall only occur when ball is completely over the line.

  10. Out of bounds will result in throw-ins. Both feet must be planted and ball must come above the head. A bad throw will turn the ball over to opposing team. In case of ball never entering in bounds a re-throw will be allowed.

  11. Substitutions are unlimited, but can only be made during a team’s own possession. Not on opposing team’s corner kicks, throw in’s or free kicks.

  12. All free kicks will be direct. All opposing players must be at least 5 yards away. Free kick taker may ask for 5 yards.

  13. Cursing, profanity, taunting are a yellow cardable offense.

  14. Physical altercations result in ejection from tournament. Team must play one man down for ten minutes (time carries over from one half to another). Next game is played as normal without ejected player on roster.

  15. 1st warning yellow card 2 minute penalty (can substitute player), 2nd warning yellow card 4 minute penalty (may not substitute player), third major offense will result in a red card and ejection from game.

  16. Advantage rule is in place

  17. No off-sides

  18. No slide tackles. If a player slides they will receive one warning, Following this warning the player will  be subject to a yellow card

  19. No charging the goalie.

  20. In case of stopped play due to injury, the referee will have a drop ball at spot of incident.

  21. A win awards three points, a tie one point, a loss equals zero

  22. In play-offs ties will go straight to penalty kicks.

  23. In cases that two teams have same amount of points in group stage, teams with higher point differential will advance. If further recourse is needed then it will be the amount of goals scored for each team. If there is an absolute tie between the two teams there will be a penalty shoot out to decide who advances from the group

  24. Referee has complete jurisdiction during game, arguments will not be tolerated against a referee.

  25. If the match ball makes contact with the ceiling or netting it will be considered out of play, the ball will be given to the team that did not touch the ball out of play, the location in which the ball is placed is at the referee’s discretion.

  26. Penalties are taken 6 yards from the goal at the discretion of the referee. Each team will be allocated 5 kicks. If tied after these kicks the teams will go to penalties.




*Only Top 4 Rankings are eligible to participate in MIST Nationals.*

*Basketball - Only Top 3 Rankings are eligible to participate in MIST Nationals.*

*Competitions that do NOT qualify for MIST Nationals are ScrapbookMobile Applications, and Soccer.*

2-D Art

Rank 1: Rabiya Sharieff

Rank 2: Anika Momin

Rank 3: Maryam Abedi

Rank 4: Yasmin Hersi

Rank 5: Rania Salah

3-D Art

Rank 1: Omer Yousuf

Rank 2: Muna Khedir

Rank 3: Nadia Roghani

Rank 4: Israa Sarwary

Rank 5: Noralhuda Alyasiri


Rank 1: Aisha Qureshi

Rank 2: Noor Alsulaihat

Rank 3: Rasha Alsalahi

Rank 4: Shamis Hired

Rank 5: Aisha Khan

Fashion Design

Rank 1: Ameerah Chapman

Rank 2: Sakinah Wakil

Rank 3: Keltoum Laghjibi

Rank 4: Yasmeen Fareed

Rank 5: Amal Hossain

Graphic Design

Rank 1: Jahid Ali

Rank 2: Asma Farooqui

Rank 3: Mubashira Faiza

Rank 4: Nuha Mahboob

Rank 5: Bisma Ahmed

Scrapbook (Does NOT Qualify for MIST Nationals)

Rank 1: MCS Hawks

Rank 2: Potomac Falls High School

Rank 3: Al Rahmah School

Rank 4: Team Blair

Rank 5: Eleanor Roosevelt High School

Knowledge Test 1

Rank 1: Fadilah Farrin

Rank 2: Habiba Salad

Rank 3: Angie Tayel

Rank 4: Faduma Abdi

Rank 5: Fariha Ali

Knowledge Test 2

Rank 1: Renad Alhabashi

Rank 2: Jahid Ali

Rank 3: Zeenat Malik

Rank 4: Rauf Khan

Rank 5: Selim Boukabara

Knowledge Test 3

Rank 1: Masuma Rahman

Rank 2: Mehrun Huda

Rank 3: Aisha Jibrin

Rank 4: Amir Hajiabbasi

Rank 5: Maryam Ahmad

Knowledge Test 4

Rank 1: Asma Farooqui

Rank 2: Ayah Aligabi

Rank 3: Zubair Malik

Rank 4: Asma Ibrahim

Rank 5: Reem Ali

Quran Memorization (Level 1)


Rank 1: Hadeel Abdalmageed

Rank 2: Aisha Ali

Rank 3: Amal Aulakh

Rank 4: Asma Zubir

Rank 5: Meerab Tariq


Rank 1: Hamza Talbi

Rank 2: Diya Scott

Rank 3: Usman Nawaz

Rank 4: Omar Husain

Rank 5: Ahmad Bromund

Quran Memorization (Level 2)


Rank 1: Bisma Ahmed

Rank 2: Nora Radwan

Rank 3: Anissa Ahmed

Rank 4: Nadia Roghani

Rank 5: Safia Ahmed


Rank 1: Ammar Muhammad

Rank 2: Aadam Dirie

Rank 3: Muaz Aijaz

Rank 4: Saad Rehman

Rank 5: Abdalla Badri

Quran Memorization (Level 3)


Rank 1: Nasra Ahmed

Rank 2: Maryam Tori

Rank 3: Maryam Khan

Rank 4: Amira Aulakh

Rank 5: Intisar Diwani


Rank 1: Mouaz Piracha

Rank 2: Youssef Zinddine

Rank 3: Ahmed Ali

Rank 4: Abdullah Diao

Rank 5: Riyad Alshalabi

Quran Memorization (Level 4)


Rank 1: Safiya Khan

Rank 2: Safa Piracha

Rank 3: Maryam Ishaq

Rank 4: Ayah Syeed

Rank 5: Yomna Nassar


Rank 1: Syed Shayan Hossain

Rank 2: Bilal Khan

Rank 3: Wail Khechmoune

Rank 4: Qanani Kadi

Rank 5: Hamza Siddiqui

Prepared Essay

Rank 1: Nadia Baten

Rank 2: Nadia Roghani

Rank 3: Nasma Hassen

Rank 4: Mariam Khan

Rank 5: Muna Hassen

Extemporaneous Essay

Rank 1: Aminah Ahmad

Rank 2: Lyba Khan

Rank 3: Junnah Mozaffar

Rank 4: Katherine Soltani

Rank 5: Shima Kamal Ali Abdulla

Original Oratory

Rank 1: Reem Ali

Rank 2: Dhuha Baig

Rank 3: Abdullah Diao

Rank 4: Mustafa Nash

Rank 5: Iman Hassen

Extemporaneous Speaking

Rank 1: Omer Yousuf

Rank 2: Tahi Tabassum

Rank 3: Hassan Zaidi

Rank 4: Aadam Dirie

Rank 5: Noreen Tareque

Short Fictional Story

Rank 1: Maryam Durrani

Rank 2: Abeer Siddiqui

Rank 3: Amira Kazi

Rank 4: Yomna Nassar

Rank 5: Minha Chotani

Poetry Literature

Rank 1: Reihanha Nasrati

Rank 2: Sabria Kazmi

Rank 3: Meher Hossain

Rank 4: Liana Jackley-Angulo

Rank 5: Marafi Badr

Poetry Spoken Word

Rank 1: Marjan Naderi

Rank 2: Olivia Smith

Rank 3: Anika Momin

Rank 4: Salihah Aakil

Rank 5: Amro Ali

Math Olympics

Rank 1: Rafiul Islam

Rank 2: Raef Khan

Rank 3: Ahmad Taka

Rank 4: Amina Khan

Rank 5: Qanani Kadi



Rank 1: WT Woodson

Rank 2: Herndon MSA

Rank 3: Dominion High School

Rank 4: Al-Qalam Academy

Rank 5: Potomac Falls High School


Rank 1: Herndon MSA

Rank 2: South Lakes

Rank 3: Dominion High School

Rank 4: Eleanor Roosevelt High School

Rank 5: Al Rahmah School


Rank 1: WT Woodson

Rank 2: Robinson MSA

Rank 3: KAA

Rank 4: Wildcats

Rank 5: Dominion High School


Rank 1: Team Blair

Rank 2: Al-Qalam Academy

Rank 3: MCS Hawks

Rank 4: River Hill High School

Rank 5: Stuart MSA



Rank 1: Dominion High School

Rank 2: RM Rockets

Rank 3: Park View Patriots

Rank 4: Springbrook

Rank 5: South Lakes


Rank 1: West Springfield

Rank 2: Herndon MSA

Rank 3: Mufasa & Naim

Rank 4: Al Rahmah School

Rank 5: Eleanor Roosevelt High School

Short Film

Rank 1: Al-Qalam Academy

Rank 2: Al Rahmah School

Rank 3: KAA

Rank 4: Oakton High School

Rank 5: Dominion High School

Mobile Apps (Does NOT Qualify for MIST Nationals)

Rank 1: Herndon MSA

Rank 2: steMSA

Rank 3: Chantilly Chargers

Science Fair

Rank 1: MCS Hawks

Rank 2: KAA

Rank 3: Stuart MSA

Rank 4: Eleanor Roosevelt High School

Rank 5: Falls Church High School

Social Media

Rank 1: Team Blair

Rank 2: River Hill High School

Rank 3: Eleanor Roosevelt High School

Rank 4: Hayfield Hawks

Rank 5: Park View Patriots

Business Venture

Rank 1: MCS Hawks

Rank 2: Stuart MSA

Rank 3: Eleanor Roosevelt High School

Rank 4: Westfield High School

Rank 5: Herndon MSA

Community Service

Rank 1: Eleanor Roosevelt High School

Rank 2: Herndon MSA

Rank 3: Falls Church High School

Rank 4: KAA

Rank 5: Team Blair



Rank 1: Stuart MSA

Rank 2: Al Rahmah School/Western Doves

Rank 3: Hayfield Hawks

Rank 4: Park View Patriots

Rank 5: Team Blair


Rank 1: Western Tech/SCD/Eastern Tech/Milford Mill

Rank 2: Fairfax High School

Rank 3: Stuart MSA

Rank 4: Hayfield Hawks

Rank 5: Oakton High School

Soccer (Does NOT Qualify for MIST Nationals)


Rank 1: South Lakes

Rank 2: Falls Church High School/River Hill High School/Hayfield Hawks/Springbrook

Rank 3: Al-Qalam Academy

Rank 4: Eleanor Roosevelt High School/Team Blair

Rank 5: Herndon MSA


Rank 1: KAA

Rank 2: Springbrook

Rank 3: Al Rahmah School/Eleanor Roosevelt High School/Team Blair/Western Tech

Rank 4: McLean M&M's/Hayfield Hawks/Falls Church High School

Rank 5: Herndon MSA, WT Woodson, Dominion High School/South Lakes