Every team must be registered with a coach (including single-person teams). In order to register, the coach must be at least 21 years of age. We recommend having teachers, administrators, parents, or siblings serve as coaches. A coach is qualified as being responsible and confident; they are organized, cheerful, determined, and willing to devote time and effort in bringing the best team to the tournament. We prefer they are from the student’s high school area/community so that the students are able to connect with them easily. For every 12 students a team must have one coach (if you have a team of 24, you would be required to have 2 coaches present at all times). 

Coach Expectations

  1. To be present at most MIST team meetings and practices.

  2. To review the submissions of each competitor with the competition the weeks before the competition to ensure its quality.

  3. To make sure the team arrives on time for any MIST related events, such as Basketball and the Tournament (all three days).

  4. To understand that MIST Coaches are role models to the members of their teams and to exhibit outstanding character and judgment when working with their team.

Coach Responsibilities

  1. Coaches MUST ensure that competitors who are on their team all attend that high school. Any questions can be forwarded to registration@dcmist.com

  2. Any questions, concerns, or complaints by the competitors must first be addressed to the team’s coach directly. In the event that an organizer’s assistance is required, the coach may approach an organizer for further instructions.

  3. All coaches MUST attend a mandatory Coach’s Orientation prior to the tournament weekend. They will be informed of the orientation in advance and are expected to come on time and stay the entire time. The coach should accept that they are the role model and advisor for their team, and the MIST Board relies heavily on their time as Coach.

  4. Coaches must serve as the point of contact in case of an emergency or if the student needs to be reached by his/her parent or guardian. Please make sure that parents have the coach’s contact information.

  5. Coaches must keep track of each student he/she is supervising and make sure they follow the MIST Rules and Regulations. He/she is responsible for setting meeting points and making sure the students are in their respective competitions or workshops on time.

  6. We require that all teams have a coach-to-competitor ratio of 1:12 to ensure the best MIST experience. All additional coaches must also create a MIST username and register online.

*NOTE: All coaches must be part of the registration system so that they are informed and emailed with any changes and updates. If you are uncertain that you are in the online system, do not hesitate to email registration@dcmist.com with your full name and school team you plan to coach.


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